Laminated plywood

Laminated plywood is called, which is covered on one or two sides of a paper-oil phenolic (PSF) or melamine (MEL) film based on formaldehyde resin. Laminated plywood for formwork is characterized by its durability, high strength and density, high moisture resistance (PSF plywood), resistance to rotting, corrosion and fungi. Laminated plywood is easy to install formwork and production, has an excellent price / quality / durability. The main purpose of coating laminated plywood with films is to protect the tree from environmental exposure.

For lamination use birch plywood FSF. The outer layers of the sheet of plywood are made with the longitudinal or transverse direction of the fibers. FOF laminated plywood is used in construction work, in furniture production, production of commercial and warehouse equipment, in transport engineering. Laminated plywood is used when finishing the exterior or interior. Durability, wear resistance, durability and low weight of FOF plywood is why it is used for the production of formwork forms. Laminated coating based on formaldehyde resin well protects the surface of the tree from moisture and aggressive cement formulations, counteracts the abrasion of plywood. To prevent the plywood sheet from swelling, its ends are treated with waterproof acrylate-based paint. This protection allows you to apply the formwork of plywood repeatedly in various building and production conditions. Laminated FBL plywood is used in frame and monolithic housing construction, in monolithic and roofing works as formwork.

The advantages of laminated plywood:

  • Exceptional strength.
  • Surface hardness.
  • Easy machining.
  • Unique ability to withstand heavy loads.

Keeps properties at temperatures from -40 to +50 ° C. Beautiful wood texture.

Intended for use in construction, transport engineering, shipbuilding, car building and other industries. TU BY 500126145.002-2011. (Code TNVED 4412390000)


The stages of the production of foof plywood:

FSF plywood of not lower grade III / III is used for cladding. It is coated (laminated) with a phenolic film in a multi-span press. The film has a dark brown, opaque color, the density of which is 120 g / m2. The surface texture can be (Gl) -smooth, (C) -grid. On the one hand applied film with the logo of the company.

Due to the film, plywood acquires additional protection against water, mechanical damage, aggressive chemical reagents, alkalis, acids. The surface of the sheets can be washed with cold and warm water.

The ends of plywood are painted on all sides with a special weather-resistant paint on aklilovoy basis, which protects the plywood from moisture and swelling. After all the work has been done, the veneered plywood is sorted by grade, i.e. in appearance, geometric parameters and fit into packs.

Application of FOF plywood:

Especially for construction formwork used plywood brand FOF-Gl2. The recommended plywood thickness for construction formwork is 18 and 21 mm. After the concrete has set, the formwork is easily removed and can be used for the next cycle.

Our veneered plywood has high quality gluing and film quality, which means that repeated use of the same sheet of plywood will not degrade the quality of monolithic floors.

FOF-Gl / S plywood is, on the one hand, a structural surface embossed in the form of a grid, on the other hand a smooth surface with an enterprise logo.

FOF-S1 plywood with grid embossing on the one hand is ideal as a flooring in the back of a truck, railway wagons, containers and buses, as well as a reusable flooring on scaffolding and staircase floors. It is quickly mounted and easy to process. 

ФОФ С1 1ФОФ С1 2

Grade I - has a minimum of defects;

Grade II - has minor defects;

The packing of FOF plywood is made into packages separately by brands, sizes, grade, type of surface, weighing no more than 1,500 kg. By agreement, the plywood can be packaged in bags of different mass. Packages tied with packing tape two transverse and three to six longitudinal zones.