Baltic Birch Plywood

Baltic Birch is a versatile and high-quality plywood, unmatched in the world.

Here's why Baltic Birch should be your choice:

Excellent Raw Material Resource

Baltic Birch is offered from  FSC certified forests in  Eastern Europe.

Laminated plywood

Laminated plywood is called, which is covered on one or two sides of a paper-oil phenolic (PSF) or melamine (MEL) film based on formaldehyde resin. Laminated plywood for formwork is characterized by its durability, high strength and density, high moisture resistance (PSF plywood), resistance to rotting, corrosion and fungi. Laminated plywood is easy to install formwork and production, has an excellent price / quality / durability. The main purpose of coating laminated plywood with films is to protect the tree from environmental exposure.


Plywood is a multi-layered building material made by gluing specially prepared birch and alder veneer sheets. The number of veneer layers is 4 or more. To increase the strength of plywood, veneer layers are superimposed so that the wood fibers are strictly perpendicular to the previous sheet.

Plywood grade descriptions:

 I grade

Not allowed:

  • pin knots, overlap in the outer layers, cracked rifts;
  • light and dark growth, unhealthy discoloration, decay;
  • the presence of adhesive tape, the leakage of glue;
  • scratches, dent, imprint, comb, tearing out of fibers, polishing, metallic inclusions, gap in joints, delamination, bubbles, zakorin, wood inserts, double inserts.

Wood chipboard (DSP)

Wood chipboard (DSP) - the most popular material for the production of furniture, also used during construction and finishing works. Wood chipboard is used as partitions, roofing and flooring, for interior design, in the manufacture of furniture.

The main advantage of chipboard is its mechanical strength and availability for mechanical processing. This material is easy to cut, drill, it can be milled, planed, painted and glued. In addition, the cost of chipboard is relatively small. Chipboard is made by pressing wood chips and shavings at high temperature. The raw material for the manufacture of chipboard is almost any wood of both softwood and hardwood. The presence of water-repellent, antiseptic and other additives ensures the strength and durability of the material.