Laminated chipboard

laminated chipboard

Laminated chipboard is a high-quality material which complies with global safety standards and is used as the main material for furniture production.

A wide range of colours is available, as well as various types of embossing: wood pores (SWOr), shagreen (PEr), smooth matte (SMr). The most common and frequently used in the manufacture of furniture are wood decors.

Raw materials complying with FSC are used in the production process.

Thickness range 6-40 mm;

Height range 9’  (2750 mm);

Plate width 6’ (1830 mm);

Formaldehyde emission class – Е1 (5.5 – 6 mg/100 g);

Density range 620-740 kg/m3;

Furniture from laminated chipboards is the best alternative to wooden furniture.