Wood chipboard (DSP) - the most popular material for the production of furniture, also used during construction and finishing works. Wood chipboard is used as partitions, roofing and flooring, for interior design, in the manufacture of furniture.

The main advantage of chipboard is its mechanical strength and availability for mechanical processing. In addition, the cost of chipboard is relatively small. Chipboard is made by pressing wood chips and shavings at high temperature.

The raw material for the manufacture of chipboard is almost any wood of both softwood and hardwood. The presence of water-repellent, antiseptic and other additives ensures the strength and durability of the material. Raw materials complying with FSC are used in the production process.

Thickness range 6-40 mm;

Plate width 6’ (1830 mm);

Height range from 8’ to 12’ (from 2,440 to 3,660 mm);

Formaldehyde emission class – Е1 (5.5 – 6 mg/100 g);

Density range 620-740 kg/m3;

Average density of 16 mm thick board is 650 kg/m3.